4 Website Building Mistakes to Avoid


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you own and operate a business, you need a website.

Regardless if you’re operating a business or thinking of starting one, having a website is crucial to have, to build an online audience and for potential customers to find you. Think of your website to be your business’s “Online Home”.

Having a website will allow you to share your latest work or helpful content you want to share with others in your industry or directly to your customers.

With new technology, it has gotten easier for anyone that doesn’t know how to code, to set up their business website in minutes. Although, creating your website with your unique style and add-ons and not considering the following mistakes will impact your online presence. Continue reading below to learn 4 Mistakes to Avoid when building your website.

Mistake #1: No Clear Vision or Goals when building your Website

You decided (or deciding), to build your business a website for a reason. While all businesses may have a different purpose, think about the reason YOU want to dedicate time to building your website.

To do this, begin with the end in mind. What do you want your website to accomplish for you? Do you want to gain more awareness for your business and get more customers? Do you want to build a forum where you create a community full of other professionals in your industry? Do you want to share knowledge while blogging about your business and help others that want to start?

Furthermore, after setting a clear vision and goal(s) about your website, you want to also make goals for each page you create. As mentioned earlier, all businesses will have different reasons for different pages. For example, some businesses want to gain more bookings via Online, without them being a part of the process, so they have time to focus on what they do best or others may have the goal to share their knowledge about their industry to others through blogging and to grow their email list.

While you begin to start having a clear focus and goal behind what you create on your website, you’re setting a solid foundation for your online audience and your business.

Mistake #2: Website for Desktop Only

While more and more people are accessing online content through mobile devices (58% mobile vs. 42% desktop), it’s crucial to make your website mobile-friendly. The platforms that help you build your websites, focus heavy on Desktop design, instead of responsive design. If your website is design heavy on Desktop, it may look great but when accessed through a mobile device, you’re just setting up your visitors to have a bad experience and leave.

Whichever website builder you decide to move forward with, double-check if they offer Responsive templates. If they do, start with the mobile view and check that the visuals are properly on any mobile device you plan on using.

Once you made your choice on a template you want to choose for your website, make sure you run some tests on your mobile device. See what can be improved, check the text is readable and any link(s) you may have are clickable. Doing so, when any visitor visits your website, they will have a much better experience from the start, avoiding them to leave your website.

Mistake #3: Making the Website About You

This may be a tricky one but is one you must understand. Talking about your business can be a great thing but to an extent. Meaning, you’re building your website for yourself and not for your target market. Building a nice website shouldn’t be the main objective (well to a certain degree), but you want to build a website that your visitors will enjoy and like. Use words they can understand and find common ground in what they will like. Switching this mentality when building your website, allows you to create a website your target audience will stick around.

If you’ve been in business or thinking of starting one, take a moment to think about your ideal customers or whom you want to target. What kind of interests are they into? What demographic do they fit in? What do they want to hear? Or what do they want to see? When you have a clear target audience, you’ll do a better job of creating something that they will be attracted to.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Mistake #4: Not Optimizing your Images

It may be easy to just upload images of your work and call it day. While images play a role in SEO, make sure your images are uploaded properly.
Uploading an image that is TOO big, can take a punch to your website load time. If the image you are uploading is TOO small, you’re asking for a low-quality image and presentation.

While images have unique filenames, such as IMG_18374.png or something like that, make sure you insert target keywords. For example, if you’re uploading an image of a Ceramic Coated Vehicle, rename the file such as “ceramic-coating-in-[yourcity].png” So when some search those keywords on their search engine, your image will appear, allowing you to be paid a visit.

Mistake #5: No Consistency [BONUS]

When you browse other websites from other businesses, you’ll notice a consistent look and feel. Providing a consistent visual style throughout your website, you’re telling your customers they’re in the same place while providing a great experience.

Having a consistent visual style includes the same colors throughout your website, the same button colors and the menu being in the same location. If your visitors land on your home page and click on an entirely different page and see a different layout or color, they’ll think they left your website.

To ensure you make the best experience possible for your visitors visually, make sure you have your business logo in the header, the footer is the same throughout all the pages, similar images, and consistent fonts. You’ll be surprised at how many businesses have their logo on their social media but don’t have it on their website. You want to make sure you let your visitors know they arrived at the correct business.

In most website builders that are available, offer to duplicate or save templates. Creating a template of some sort will be a guide that makes it more efficient for you while keeping your website consistent.


While these are a few mistakes you can avoid out of many, it allows you to shift your perspective on what to be aware of. Building a website for your own business is one of the greatest things you can do, although it may be time-consuming to do, it opens new opportunities.

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